The roads we ride on today have changed over the years. Bike design and technology has had to change with them.

Leaving the house before dawn so you can crack a century before lunch. Every mile earned. The ride is an escape and the journey is everything. The pace is up to you.

Endurance Riders

Endurance riders demand fast bikes that are comfortable enough to pedal for hours, the Norco road bikes meet those demands. The geometry has been updated with a slackened seat angle that shifts the rider’s center of gravity back and takes some weight off the handlebars. The result is reduced strain on wrists, elbows, neck, and lower back. Less fatigue translates into improved stamina and comfort, because it’s true that it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey. Enjoy the route and take in everything along the way on an endurance cycle from Norco.

The toughest riders don’t shy away from harsh weather - they embrace it. Rain, wind, sand and mud? Bring it on. No one said bike racing was supposed to be easy. And when you’re not feeling fatigued or strained at mile 67, the finish line appears so much closer. Norco makes bikes that carry people farther than they ever thought possible.